What you can do to protect your data and not lose all of your hard work!

Here at Bimotech, we are always promoting the need to backup your vital data. Storing your backups remotely (we provide all you need to backup to the cloud) is a very safe and secure way of doing this.

Now, backups are a great way to protect your information, but most backups run after the days’ work is done and stored. We can set backups to run at intervals during the day, but most of our customers don’t feel this is something they need.

A recent call to the Helpdesk highlighted the need for people to be a little more hands-on in protecting their own work. A distressed employee explained to us that the spreadsheet she had been working on all morning had crashed and she had lost all of her work.

So, how else can you save all of your hard work from being lost? Well, the very simple answer is to periodically save your work using the good old ‘floppy disk’ icon in your document or spreadsheet program. Better still, instead of stopping what you’re writing or inputting to click on the icon, use the keyboard shortcut of holding down the Ctrl key followed by pressing S the key.

The employee in our story was, however, a proficient user of sophisticated and complex spreadsheets, not a novice who didn’t appreciate the value of saving her work. In this instance the Microsoft AutoSave feature was configured. The fact that this feature had not worked, added to her annoyance and frustration. So, why hadn’t the spreadsheet been saved? AutoSave, in actual fact, isn’t 100% reliable in every situation. It doesn’t, for example, prevent file corruption if something unexpected happens to your computer or the software that it runs on.

So, what of AutoRecover, Microsoft’s other failsafe? This too is not immune to failure. AutoRecover springs into action if it detects that there has been what it considers to be an abnormal termination of the program. But this isn’t always detected, depending on why the program ‘crashed’. Many problems can occur with hardware or software and if AutoRecover doesn’t detect an abnormal termination, your recovery file will be deleted! And what do Microsoft themselves advise about using AutoSave and AutoRecover...?

Important: The Save button is still your best friend. To be sure you don’t lose your latest work, click Save (or press Ctrl + S ) often.

So there we have it. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of solutions that help us to work more efficiently. In our customer support role, we like to help our customers and advise them of best practice. It can prevent this type of scenario and take some of the worry away from losing your precious data.

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