What is cloud computing and how it can help your business?

Many people aren’t exactly sure what cloud computing is. Others understand the concept, but can be somewhat wary when it comes to using cloud services.

So what is cloud computing? In very simple terms, the cloud refers to services that are available over the internet. These services are stored on remote, powerful servers and the services provided come in many different forms. Chances are, you’ve been using the cloud for years. You may have been using a web service for your email, such as Hotmail, this is simply your email in the cloud. All of the information you input into social media is stored in the cloud. Your Facebook photos for example, are all stored safely in the cloud.

The cloud is a huge area of growth in computing terms. These days there are many more services available than just webmail and social media. Other services are becoming part of everyday life. If you own a smartphone you may be familiar with file storage services. On the iPhone you can synchronise your precious data with iCloud; a copy of your files is saved on a remote server connected to the internet. Android phone users have a similar service in Google Drive, whilst Windows phone users have OneDrive. One of the advantages of these services is that you can access your files from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Another benefit is that even if your device fails, you will still have a copy of your valuable data stored safely in the cloud.

At Bimotech we provide a whole range of cloud services for business. We call these “hosted” services, as they are hosted on servers in the cloud. Our hosted services include email, telephony, servers and desktops. We can store your valuable backups in the cloud too!

Some may be sceptical regarding cloud services. One of the main concerns is security. We’ve all heard stories about security breaches and stolen data on the internet. So why would anybody put their personal or business data at risk in the cloud? We already know that cloud services are hosted on servers in the cloud. What you may not know, is that these servers are housed in extremely secure and resilient data centres. These data centres need to ensure that they have the best security available and the data they hold is always available. One thing’s for sure, these data centres will be far more secure than any home or small to medium business network. A data centre will be able to withstand breakdowns and power outages, your data will always be recoverable.

So, what are the advantages to cloud computing for business? The chief advantage is cost. Computing and communication equipment can be expensive and soon becomes outdated. A cloud solution means no outlay for equipment, services can be paid for on a monthly basis. It’s not just hardware that is costly, software is too and this can also be provided as a cloud service. Also, because your information or services are available with an internet connection, this means your services are highly mobile. This makes it easier for home working or even a major business upheaval such as a relocation of premises.

You’ll sometimes hear the word scalable, relating to cloud services. Cloud services are extremely versatile. Because you are paying a monthly fee, services can be scaled up or down according to business requirements. So, if you are lucky enough to experience growth, your services can grow with you. For harder times, services can be scaled back until the business recovers sufficiently. There would be no surplus equipment on site to get rid of either!

With the help of cloud computing, Bimotech can provide a cost-efficient, secure and versatile solution for business IT and communication essentials. Our ethos is to “keep it simple” and we aim to help businesses with the complete setup and management process to make their lives easier.

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