iOS 9 and the nasty hidden charges

Apple’s iOS 9 update for iPhone and iPad, recently launched in September of this year. It has many great new features and has been warmly received by the industry and consumer alike. However, one of the new features could be problematic for consumers and businesses on fixed data plans with their mobile provider.

Wi-Fi Assist, a new feature of the iOS 9 update, is designed to help connectivity when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. It does this by automatically switching to your mobile data network. This is a great new feature meaning that you never lose your connection to the internet. When your Wi-Fi signal becomes weak or drops out altogether, you will automatically switch to your data network, until you are once again in range of a good Wi-Fi signal.

However, a recent customer support call, alerted us to the fact that Wi-Fi assist could in fact be increasing your usage of the data network, a problem for anyone using a limited data plan. This could become even more of an issue with roaming data charges when you travel abroad. The main problem with Wi-Fi Assist is that it is turned on, by default! So, this may be a good time to learn how to switch this feature off, especially before any foreign travel.

1. Go to your ‘Settings’, this can be found on the home screen

2. Next, select ‘Mobile Data’ from the menu

3. Scroll right to the bottom of the resulting menu, beneath your Apps, you’ll find the ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ setting

Simply toggle the setting to the ‘Off’ position and that’s done! No more nasty hidden charges!

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