iOS 9 and the nasty hidden charges

Apple’s iOS 9 update for iPhone and iPad, recently launched in September of this year. It has many great new features and has been warmly received by the industry and consumer alike. However, one of the new features could be problematic for consumers and businesses on fixed data plans with their mobile provider.

Wi-Fi Assist, a new feature of the iOS 9 update, is designed to help connectivity when the Wi-Fi signal is poor. It does this by automatically switching to your mobile data network. This is a great new feature meaning that you never lose your connection to the internet.

Business Cloud Adoption Infographic

What is cloud computing and how it can help your business?

Many people aren’t exactly sure what cloud computing is. Others understand the concept, but can be somewhat wary when it comes to using cloud services.

So what is cloud computing? In very simple terms, the cloud refers to services that are available over the internet. These services are stored on remote, powerful servers and the services provided come in many different forms. Chances are, you’ve been using the cloud for years...

What you can do to protect your data and not lose all of your hard work!

Here at Bimotech, we are always promoting the need to backup your vital data. Storing your backups remotely (we provide all you need to backup to the cloud) is a very safe and secure way of doing this.

Now, backups are a great way to protect your information, but most backups run after the days’ work is done and stored. We can set backups to run at intervals during the day, but most of our customers don’t feel this ...

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