Should I upgrade my Operating System?

The simple answer to this question, is YES! But we need to delve a little deeper in explaining the benefits, especially with the potential cost outlay for your business.

Many people are still running their desktop computers on trusty old Windows XP. Well why not? It’s stable and it just works. Earlier this year, figures showed that there was a greater percentage of people still running XP than Windows 8 and 8.1 combined. However, there is a serious downside to running an older operating system.

How to spot an e-mail hoax or phishing scam

Have I won a prize in a competition I never even entered? Is that e-mail offer really giving away all that cash? Is my friend stranded abroad with no money? Sadly, hoax e-mails are all too common these days. Many of us are not suspicious by nature and are willing to believe in freebies, prizes and distress calls. Being able to spot a hoax e-mail or an online scam has become an important part of our connected lives.

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