Hosted Desktop

Bimotech Hosted Desktop is a Windows 8 Virtual Desktop, delivered from the cloud, which is Secure, Scalable and Managed, providing reduced costs, improved productivity, greater security, and greater simplicity.

Hosted Desktop and it’s applications are remotely held within our infrastructure with documents only created, viewed or modified by users when they are connected via a secure connection and greatly reducing overheads.

New applications & services are easily deployed, managed and upgraded. The need for any upfront expenditure is removed forever as services are billed on a monthly basis by the number of users and applications.

The user session can be launched from a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer

Support issues are minimised as applications viewed and operated from a centralised server. Hardware and software compatibility issues are eradicated as is the requirement to recall field based devices in the event of a support issue.

Lost or stolen devices pose no security threat or loss of data. User access can be immediately restored through any other available device.
Keep it simple